About Your Love Story Studios 

Our aim is for people to never forget.10 years, 20 years or even 50 years from now. To bring you back to that special moment. On how the groom first saw her bride walking in the isle as it had brought tears in his eyes or unexplainable happiness. How the bride felt that she was the most beautiful woman on that day and all eyes was on her as she walks closer and closer to marry the man of her dreams.

On how a mother and a father celebrated the first birthday of their child and the start of loving a person unconditionally. And someday showing it to the child as she/he grows up. And so fort.


 About the Photographer 

Joemar Lamata is a Lifestyle & Wedding Photographer based in Davao city, Philippines. Who sees taking photos not as a job but something that he puts his heart into. To capture moments, unforgettable experiences, the smiles, the tears that not only will the newly wed couple would treasure forever but their friends and families as well.

He likes to travel too. And he takes pictures of places he have been too. He wants  to experience difference cultures, seeing different cities around the world.  

A destination photographer who has traveled not only in different provinces of Mindanao but also to Boracay, Palawan, Dumaguete and Manila and shared his unique photography skills to the people most especially to the bride and groom who will never forget their special day. It wasn’t only our lovely country that he was able to travel to, he was able to go to Europe: Paris “The City of Love” ; Rome, Italy ” The Eternal City” ; and Germany the country of great art, architecture and nightlife. A continent full of love, good food, different kinds of people with different cultures, and old and new architectures combined. A wonderful experienced that gives him new perspective and inspiration which adds to his talent as a photographer with a heart.

That in every picture he takes a story is build. It can be start of a love story. A union between couples as they start their married life together. A baby’s first birthday and so forth. A girl turning into a lady on her 18th birthday. A family’s memory of their first picture together till they grew bigger and in numbers. Or even just a simple portrait.

These are just examples of a lifetime memories that he likes to capture and bring joyful memories as they look back on those days. Simple for other people but for him everything is captured by his heart.